Bleeker & Furze soft shoe shuffle

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast was written during performing in Patrick White's A Cheery Soul, directed by Neil Armfield @MTC. Seeing Monica nad me dressed as Mr Bleeker & Mr Furze was inspiring. Prompted by William Blake's poetry it just rolled out of me. We performed it at La Mama and then at the Castlemaine State Festival. Unfortunately Mon did not want to give permission to film it at La Mama and so her performance was lost. I had another season with wonderful Jen Ludlam, my NZ actress friend at MICF. 5 star review. These characters inspired me to write a sitcom called Awful Old People starring Mon & Bob Hornery(the lady next door). I wrote 6 episodes and the ABC gave us the opportunity to film a pilot. See on this website.Nobody took it up.